Class JsonResponse

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    public final class JsonResponse
    extends Object
    JSON response.

    This response decorator is able to parse HTTP response body as a JSON document and manipulate with it afterwords, for example:

     String name = new JdkRequest("")
       .header(HttpHeaders.ACCEPT, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON)

    The class is immutable and thread-safe.

    • Constructor Detail

      • JsonResponse

        public JsonResponse​(Response resp)
        Public ctor.
        resp - Response
    • Method Detail

      • assertJson

        public JsonResponse assertJson​(String element)
        Verifies the JSON data against the element identifier argument, and throws AssertionError in case of mismatch.
        element - Element in the JSON data of this object
        This object
      • json

        public jakarta.json.JsonReader json()
        Read body as JSON.
        Json reader
      • back

        public final Request back()
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Get back to the request it's related to.
        Specified by:
        back in interface Response
        The request we're in
      • status

        public final int status()
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Get status of the response as a positive integer number.
        Specified by:
        status in interface Response
        The status code
      • reason

        public final String reason()
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Get status line reason phrase.
        Specified by:
        reason in interface Response
        The status line reason phrase
      • body

        public String body()
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Get body as a string, assuming it's UTF-8 (if there is something else that can't be translated into a UTF-8 string a runtime exception will be thrown).

        DISCLAIMER: The only encoding supported here is UTF-8. If the body of response contains any chars that can't be used and should be replaced with a "replacement character", a RuntimeException will be thrown. If you need to use some other encodings, use Response.binary() instead.

        Specified by:
        body in interface Response
        The body, as a UTF-8 string
      • binary

        public final byte[] binary()
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Raw body as a an array of bytes.
        Specified by:
        binary in interface Response
        The body, as a UTF-8 string
      • as

        public final <T extends Response> T as​(Class<T> type)
        Description copied from interface: Response
        Convert it to another type, by encapsulation.
        Specified by:
        as in interface Response
        Type Parameters:
        T - Type to use
        type - Type to use
        New response